The Polarizing Partnership Between Public & Private Healthcare with Dr. Kathleen Ross

About the Episode

Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Kathleen Ross provides insights and learning from the recent town-halls on public versus privatized healthcare in Canada.

Objectives and Discussions

(2:59) Defining Private Healthcare and the Current Healthcare System A comprehensive look at what constitutes private healthcare and an overview of the existing healthcare system.

(9:05) Challenges and Gaps in the Healthcare System An analysis of the current challenges and gaps within the healthcare system that need addressing.

(14:02) Hopes and Fears of Private Healthcare Discussing the potential benefits and concerns associated with private healthcare.

(23:30) The Healthcare System Crisis A detailed exploration of the ongoing crisis in the healthcare system and its implications.

(26:14) Learning from Other Countries Insights on how other countries' healthcare systems can offer lessons for improvement.

(31:41) The Role of Health Technology in Improving Efficiency Examining how health technology can enhance efficiency within the healthcare system.

(34:24) Challenges of Data Collection and Sharing Addressing the difficulties associated with collecting and sharing healthcare data.

(35:03) Exploring Independent Insurance and Co-pays A discussion on the role and impact of independent insurance and co-pays in the healthcare system.

(39:08) Innovation Grounded in Data and Evidence The importance of basing healthcare innovations on robust data and evidence.

(43:22) Addressing Inequities in Healthcare Delivery Strategies for tackling inequities in the delivery of healthcare services.

(50:20) Team-Based Primary Care The benefits and challenges of implementing team-based primary care models.

(56:11) Understanding the Current System and Future Goals An overview of the current healthcare system and the goals for its future development.

(1:01:05) The Role of Data Sharing and Technology Exploring the critical role of data sharing and technology in the future of healthcare.

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