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Registered Psychiatric Nurse Salary Overview 

The average annual salary for registered psychiatric nurses in Canada ranges from $53,872 to $96,200. In Ontario, RPNs earn between $51,313 and $93,506 annually, while in Alberta, the annual income for RPNs falls between $59,451 and $100,048.

How to Become a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Canada

To begin a fulfilling career as a registered psychiatric nurse, the first step is to enroll in a reputable RPN program at a college or university. These programs, which generally span 2-3 years, offer a blend of classroom learning and clinical practicum experiences, specifically tailored towards mental health and psychiatric care. Upon completion of your studies, securing licensure is crucial; this entails applying with the psychiatric nursing regulatory body in your province or territory and successfully passing the Registered Psychiatric Nursing Registration Exam (RPNRE) or an equivalent. With your licensure in hand, you're ready to embark on your career as an RPN, providing essential care in various settings such as psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, community mental health centers, and addiction treatment facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RPN?

A registered psychiatric nurse (RPN), also known as a registered mental health nurse (RMN) in some regions, is a specialized healthcare professional trained to provide mental health and psychiatric care to patients. They work with individuals experiencing a wide range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depressi

What is the difference between a registered practice nurse and a registered psychiatric nurse?

Registered practice nurses and registered psychiatric nurses are both registered nurses but specialize in different areas of nursing. Registered practice nurses provide general nursing care in various healthcare settings under the supervision of registered nurses and other healthcare professionals. They assist with tasks like administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and providing patient education. On the other hand, registered psychiatric nurses specialize in mental health and psychiatric care, working with individuals experiencing mental illness or psychological distress. They assess mental health needs, develop care plans, administer psychiatric medications, and provide counseling. They typically work in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, and community mental health centers.

What does a RPN do?

RPNs assess patients' mental health needs, develop and implement care plans, administer medications, provide counseling and therapy, and collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to support patients' recovery and well-being. RPNs typically work in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, community mental health centers, and other mental health facilities. They play a crucial role in promoting mental health, preventing mental illness, and supporting individuals in managing their mental health challenges.

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