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How to Implement Technology into your Medical Practice

In recent years, technological advancements have taken the healthcare industry by storm.  From telemedicine to charting software and beyond, there’s no shortage of opportunities for healthcare providers to harness technology to increase efficiency, improve communication, and enhance patient satisfaction in their practice.

Successfully onboarding new technology into your medical practice requires strategic thinking and careful collaboration. Here’s how to get it done right:

Three Steps for Seamless Tech Integration

Assess the Need

While the prospect of adopting cutting edge technology into your medical practice is certainly exciting, it’s vital that you take time to assess the unique needs of your clinic first. Begin by gathering perspectives from your staff through collaborative team meetings or surveys. Through these efforts, you can determine specific pain points, such as administrative backlog, that they report experiencing on the job.

Time-consuming administrative tasks, such as billing, should never limit a physician from taking on new patients. Intelligent billing software, like Doctorcare, can provide detailed financial reports, analytics, and insights to optimize monthly revenue. This innovative technology enables physicians to spend their time concentrating on what matters, patient care.

Incidentally, young physicians may have concerns about taking time off for maternity or parental leave. If your practice, however, doesn’t currently have a streamlined strategy for sourcing locums, there are opportunities to address this issue with technology. In this case, a physician-matching app like Cherry Health could be the perfect fit to find a locum that can provide excellent patient care while physicians are away.

By conducting this research beforehand, you’ll have a firm grasp on what technology is necessary for the optimal functioning of your practice.

Internal Regroup

When introducing a system into the workplace, it’s imperative that all staff voices are heard and engaged from the start. From physicians to administrative workers, the medical professionals in your practice play an active role in the successful adoption of new technology.

After determining pain points across your clinic, offer your team multiple touchpoints to provide their perspectives on what types of technology they’d like implemented.

Did your medical secretaries raise concerns about high call volumes throughout your preliminary discussions? Conduct a meeting to discuss their thoughts on switching to an online booking system that allows patients to book and manage their own appointments.

If the idea is attractive, you might suggest the adoption of a tablet-based patient engagement platform into your waiting room. In this scenario, instead of lining up to speak to a secretary, patients are empowered to check in and complete forms digitally on the device.

At the end of the day, when your team feels like they’re part of the decision making process, they’re more likely to make the effort to learn how to use new programs and integrate them into their practice.

Track for Efficiency

Once new technology has been introduced into your practice, it’s important to track the onboarding process by maintaining an open dialogue with your team regarding its efficacy. If problems remain unaddressed, the foundation for the seamless adoption of new systems can crumble.

To fully enjoy the benefits of your technological investment, continue the conversation with your staff. Encourage an open dialogue about troubleshooting issues and concerns. By nipping pain points in the bud, you’ll guarantee an improved medical experience for your patients and your practice itself.

Everyday, innovations in the medical technology sector grow increasingly advanced. However, the successful adoption of new technology is contingent upon collaboration. By assessing the experiences of your medical team, providing them a voice in the decision making process, and tracking the impact of the technology, you can secure a seamless transition towards an efficient medical practice. If you’re seeking guidance on where to begin, organizations like Digital Health Canada are a great place to explore. There, you’ll discover a wide variety of resources for physicians interested in technologically upgrading their practice.

Physician-founded, Cherry Health understands the unique challenges experienced by medical professionals. Download the app today to discover the benefits of incorporating Cherry Health into your medical practice!

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