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Happy Conference Season! This month, we had the pleasure of engaging in enriching discussions at both the Pri-Med conference in Toronto and the Canadian Women in Medicine conference in Halifax. It's always inspiring when professionals from across the industry unite.

Explore our latest insights on recruitment strategies, compensation trends, and featured tools designed to elevate your practice!

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Tali AI: Canada’s leading AI Scribe, saving 20 hrs/month on documentation

Try Tali AI, the foremost AI documentation assistant for clinicians in Canada. A state-of-the-art ambient scribe and medical dictation technologies, Tali AI efficiently and precisely interprets medical terms in English, French, and Spanish.

Tali integrates with most EMRs in Canada and works seamlessly across all devices, saving clinicians an average of 20-hours per month on clinical documentation. This time saving translates into more quality time for patient care, enhanced healthcare outcomes, and a significant reduction in clinician burnout.

Streamline your practice with Tali AI and refocus on patient care.

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Dr. Jordan Vollrath and Alitta Tait
Dr. Maximilian Kerz and Alitta Tait

It's Conference Season!

May was an exciting month for conferences at Cherry! We had a great time exhibiting at the Pri-Med & Canadian Women in Medicine Conferences this month! Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and shared great conversations with us.

You shared and we listened! Now more than ever, NPs and Pharmacists are experiencing challenges with finding opportunities. Check out 15,000+ jobs for healthcare practitioners on the Cherry Health platform today here

A big thank you to Pri-Med and CWIM for creating spaces to connect!

Let’s stay connected! 🎉 🍒


PrescribeIT's Contribution to Addressing Canada's Opioid Crisis

E-prescribing platform PrescribeIT® offers numerous advantages that significantly improve patient care and optimize healthcare operations through its electronic prescription transmission system. By mitigating errors linked to handwritten prescriptions, PrescribeIT® enables secure transmission of a prescription directly from an electronic medical record (EMR) to a pharmacy management system (PMS), allowing prescribers and pharmacists to communicate directly within their workflows, posing questions and asking for clarifications, and enabling smoother collaboration within a patient’s circle of care. Dispense notifications also help clinicians confirm that the correct medication is reaching the intended patient. 

Additionally, the platform aids in optimizing the utilization of controlled substances like opioids, which pose significant risks if misused, while simultaneously reducing associated hazards. Electronic prescribing enables physicians to dispense smaller quantities of medications, which can potentially reduce the likelihood of unintended overdoses. By offering timely access to necessary medications, electronic prescribing also mitigates the accumulation of excess medication, and lowers the risk of diversion or intentional overdose.

This approach enables clinicians and pharmacists to confidently ensure that patients receive appropriate medications, accurately dosed and timely dispensed, thus enhancing overall treatment efficacy and patient safety. 

Learn more about PrescribeIT here

Check out additional resources on how PrescribeIT is supporting this crisis:

Read Prescription Opioids & Growing Crisis here

Prescribing Opioids and Other Controlled Drugs and Substances here



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Each month, we're highlighting tips on how to get the most out of your Cherry Health membership. With hundreds of applicants per month and candidates applying to multiple roles, the current job market in the healthcare industry is competitive! If you have jobs posted on the Cherry Health platform, be sure to respond within 24 hours and enable Job alerts on your notifications. That way, you'll never miss an applicant. 

To do this, click on your profile photo in the top right corner and select "Settings". Under the Notifications tab, you have the ability to enable Job alerts for "Your job postings updates", which will notify you when you receive a new applicant.

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Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector has witnessed a significant surge in job vacancies, creating challenges for care providers and leading to staffing shortages. When considering new career prospects, salary stands out as a top consideration for providers seeking employment. 

We've compiled information for the top 4 professions in the industry - Physicians, Nurses, NPs, and Pharmacists so you can compare compensation trends across the country. 

For Employers: To enhance your job postings on the Cherry platform and receive more applicants on the platform, consider including compensation information. 

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Talk to the experts in physician recruiting and find your dream role

As physicians practicing during a physician shortage, we know you want to maximize your time and we understand the challenge of sifting through the mountains of opportunities available to you.

We've partnered with Calian, the leading experts in connecting doctors with the most rewarding and exciting opportunities.

With a guaranteed hourly rate and the freedom from overhead costs and administrative duties, practitioners can focus solely on patient care. The work/life balance is exceptional, with fixed clinic hours from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays and absolutely no evening, weekend, or on-call obligations.

Additionally, clinicians have the opportunity to engage with a unique patient demographic consisting of motivated and generally healthy military service members.

Contact to inquire about opportunities!

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🍒 Women Imaging Specialist - Radiologist /OBGYN /Maternal Fetal  Medicine

📍Edmonton, AB
💰 From $400,000 per year

🍒Endocrinologist📍Calgary, AB
💰 $300,000 to $750,000 per year


📍Calgary, AB
💰 $300,000 to $750,000 per year

🍒Family Physician

📍Okotoks, AB
💰 $600,000 per year

🍒 Locum📍Calgary
💰 N/A

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