How to Empower Your Patients with Their Medical Data with Shaneel Pathak

About the Episode

In today's episode, we're joined by Shaneel Pathak, the co-founder and CEO of Zamplo.

Tune in to learn how Shaneel's vision for a person-centric, connected health data platform is revolutionizing healthcare and making a significant impact on both patient engagement and clinical research.

Inspired by his experiences as a caregiver, Shaneel became a citizen scientist to tackle the chaos patients face in healthcare, leading to the creation of Zamplo, a digital health platform designed to empower patients through better data management.

Objectives and Discussions

(4:30) Why is health data & remote monitoring important? Explores the critical role of health data and remote monitoring in improving patient outcomes and enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency.

(6:30) Role of wearables & surveys Discusses how wearables and validated surveys work together to provide comprehensive and accurate health data for both patients and healthcare providers.

(10:21) How to make data useful and visible Explains strategies for transforming raw health data into actionable insights and making it easily accessible to healthcare professionals.

(13:30) Impact of remote monitoring Examines the profound effects of remote monitoring on patient care, including increased efficiency, better health outcomes, and reduced burden on caregivers.

(15:38) Challenges & opportunities in clinical research Identifies the key challenges and potential opportunities that remote monitoring and health data present in the field of clinical research.

(30:40) The Netherlands digital landscape Provides an overview of how the Netherlands is leading the way in digital healthcare innovation and the integration of remote monitoring technologies.

(36:20) Barriers to adoption of remote monitoring
Highlights the main obstacles preventing widespread adoption of remote monitoring in healthcare and possible solutions to overcome them.

(42:29) The future of healthcare data Looks ahead to the future of healthcare data, envisioning advancements and trends that will shape the next generation of healthcare delivery.

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Zamplo: https://www.zamplo.org/

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