Squeezing Blood From Rocks (Maximizing Clinic Revenue) with Ross Hendin

About the Episode

We spoke to Ross Hendin - a serial healthcare entrepreneur who has gone through the learning process of creating and scaling his own clinical operations and through his journey and pivot to consulting for clinics and how they can maximize their bottom line.

Objectives and Discussions

Introduction to Ross and Physicians First Financial (00:00): Ross Hendon introduces Physicians First Financial and its mission to enhance medical practices' profitability.

Ross's Draw to Healthcare (00:28): Ross shares his unique path into the healthcare sector despite not being a science enthusiast.

The Genesis of Alivio (02:19): Ross discusses how personal experiences led to the creation of Alivio and its success in patient care.

Lessons from Alivio's Operation (04:14): Insights from managing Alivio paved the way for founding Physicians First Financial.

PFF's Unique Approach (06:57): Ross explains how PFF offers more than just financial services by actively engaging in clinics' operational improvements.

Essentials for Clinic Success (07:46): The importance of vision, values, and structured accountability in healthcare management.

The Role of Transparency and Tools (10:07): The necessity of the right tools, transparency, and accountability for practice success.

Financial Health and Clinic Profitability (12:35): Ffinancial markers of well-run clinics and the significance of profitability margins.

Scaling Clinic Operations (15:46): Insights on clinic size, efficiency, and the ideal operational scale for healthcare practices.

Impact Stories and Success Metrics (20:34): Ross shares success stories of clinics that significantly improved their operations and revenue with PFF's help.

Customer Service in Healthcare (27:32): The often overlooked aspect of customer service in healthcare and the challenge of balancing patient care with operational demands.

Vision for Healthcare's Future (29:36): Ross discusses the long-term vision for PFF and its role in improving Canadian healthcare.

Financial Advice for Healthcare Professionals (44:09): Practical advice on financial management and optimization for medical practitioners and clinics.

More Resources:

Check out Physicians First Financial Innovates here: https://physiciansfirstfinancial.com/

LinkedIn: https://cherryhealth.co/linkedin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherryhealthinc/

Instagram: @cherry.health

Twitter: @cherryhealthinc

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