Civilian Physician Working on a Military Base with Dr. Igor Ivanecky

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Join us in today's episode where we speak with Dr. Igor Ivanecky, a family medicine physician currently serving at a military base in Trenton, Ontario. Learn how a random advertisement led him to work with Calian, providing medical care to Canada's military personnel, and the flexibility this role offers compared to traditional clinical settings. Dr. Ivanecky also gives insight into the day-to-day realities of military healthcare, the patient encounter process at the base, and the balance between thorough patient care and administrative duties. This episode offers a deep dive into the life of a civilian doctor working in an unique and dynamic environment.

Objectives and Discussions

(4:20) Introduction How a random advertisement lead Dr. Ivanecky from an electrical engineer and working in medical device clinical research to pursuing a career as a military civilian physician.

(6:00) Highlights of Working in the Military

(10:31) Juggling Roles in Occupational Medicine Understand the complexities of handling occupational medicine without formal training, relying on a 90-page informal document and on-the-job learning. The take away? A supportive team environment will help you in managing both occupational and general medical cases.

(14:09) Day in the Life A typical day at the military base starts at 7:30 AM, transitioning from a busy walk-in clinic format to scheduled patient appointments, which allows for comprehensive patient care without the rush seen in typical clinics. Afternoons involve a mix of additional patient care and administrative duties, with structured hours ensuring that the day ends by 4 PM, which allows leisure time after work and a better work-life balance.

(18:38) Work-Life Balance What are the work hours, administrative burdens, and team dynamics like when working in the Military? This segment explores how these factors compare to typical civilian medical practices, highlighting the unique aspects of military healthcare settings.

(20:08) Military Patient Encounters Dr. Ivanecky details the patient encounter process at military bases, where appointment times are notably generous, averaging 30 minutes and extending to 45 minutes for more complex cases such as mental health issues. Daily patient volumes are lower than typical civilian clinics, with about 12 to 15 patients seen per day, allowing for thorough and focused care. However, the extensive paperwork required for military procedures does increase the administrative load, yet the structure allows for adequate time to manage these demands effectively. This setup ensures that each patient receives attentive care without the rush common in civilian healthcare settings.

(22:40) Basic Aviation Medicine Certification Even as a civilian provider, you can do courses that are reserved for the military members. The Aviation Medicine Course teaches you both the medicine and occupational side of managing aircrew and pilots, Dr. Ivanecky explains the perks and use of this certificate in detail.

(26:16) What is Dive Medicine? With the same processes as a flight surgeon, dive medicine focuses on divers and individuals that go underwater.

(27:30) Career Trajectory of a Physician on Military Bases With high possibilities of advancement on military bases, doctors often focus more on administration work. However, a perk with Calian is that seeing patients and patient interaction is still present even as you advance in your career.

(30:22) New Graduate & Physician Advice "Don't commit to anything and explore around". As a new graduate, try out different locums and find your footing through trying different jobs!

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