Top Story: Tips to Battle Burnout in a Staffing Shortage | Cherry Monthly April 2024

This month we had major advancements on the Cherry Health platform! With jobs for every licensed healthcare professional on the platform, search for jobs and filter results based on information that is most important to you like compensation, specialty, and preferred work times. 

New openings, fighting burnout and resources to enhance your practice. Read on to stay up-to-date on the latest at Cherry Health!

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Each month, we host an interactive drop-in session where we share insider tips on how to get the most out of your Cherry Health membership and answer your recruitment questions. This month we had a great conversation with South Calgary Primary Care Network and identified how they can leverage our tools at Cherry Health as new resources for recruitment strategies.  

Cherry is now exploring avenues to assist the broader PCN audience in Alberta and the Division of Family Practices in BC. If you are a member of these health networks, we're eager to connect and provide further insights into how Cherry Health can benefit you. We're looking forward to building out our relationship with this audience.

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Take a Break

Earlier this year, we conducted the 2024 HCP Survey, reaching out to our community of 30,000 Canadian healthcare practitioners. Covering various aspects of healthcare practice, we're excited to share some of the insights. 

When asked "Using your own definition of "burnout", please select an option from below that best reflects how you feel (see chart above), Over 55.6% of respondents indicated that they were experiencing at least one or more persistent symptoms of burnout, such as emotional exhaustion and were constantly thinking about work-related issues. 

We've compiled a list of valuable resources available to support and prevent severe burnout - before it happens.

1. Cherry Live! podcast: This month, we put out two episodes on our Cherry Live! podcast, identifying the need for systemic support and the prioritization of wellness for professionals in the healthcare industry.

Watch Episode 33 with Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie: Physician Wellness with the Canadian Medical Association here.

Watch Episode 31 with Amy Oliver: From Pharmacist to Healthcare Coach here.

2. Compare resources: With our Cherry Partnerships Hub, choose from a wide variety of digital health tools and services to enhance your practice. Compare multiple options and find what works best for you here

3. Post a job and get locum coverage: When you need a break, Cherry Health has got your back. Get temporary coverage while you take some time to recharge. Learn more here.

4. Virtual Mental Health Clinics: If you need mental health support, reach out to your family doctor and ask for a referral to a virtual mental health clinic. Cherry Health has partnered with Hello Mental Health to highlight the importance of prioritizing mental health care. Through their services, their goal is to provide safe, efficient, and easily accessible mental health services to our clients. Learn more about Hello Mental Health here.

Stay tuned for more insights from our survey as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare together.



Empowering Clinic Financial Management with Physicians First Financial

Physicians First Financial offers more than a service; it's a collaborative alliance designed to unravel the intricacies of clinic financial management. Committed to arming you with the tools needed to fortify your clinic's financial well-being in today's ever-changing healthcare landscape, their mission is straightforward: to simplify and enrich your clinic's financial management experience.

As you navigate the complexities of clinic finances, let Physicians First Financial illuminate your path, ensuring a seamless and prosperous journey ahead. Learn more about Physician's First Financial here.

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Looking to focus more on patient care and less on admin tasks? Satori Health is recruiting!

Make a lasting, positive impact in healthcare at Satori. Committed to creating a culture of well-being for healthcare practitioners, clinic teams, and support staff, at Satori your time is spent where it matters most - with your patients. 

Learn more about opportunities at Satori Health here.



🍒 Locum Physician needed for Family Medicine Clinic

📍 Fort McMurray, AB
💰 From $2,000 per day

🍒 Women Imaging Specialist - Radiologist /OBGYN /Maternal Fetal  Medicine

📍 Edmonton, AB
💰 From $400,000 per year

🍒 Endocrinologist

📍 Calgary, AB
💰 $300,000 to $750,000 per year

🍒 Cardiologist

📍 Calgary, AB
💰 $300,000 to $750,000 per year

🍒Family Physician
North Vancouver, BC
$1,800 to $2,400 per day

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In the April episodes of Cherry Live!, we explored a range of topics including entrepreneurship in healthcare, digital health transformation, and financial management for healthcare professionals.

Amy Oliver shares her entrepreneurial journey in healthcare, discussing workforce dynamics, gender influence, and the need for systemic support. Her insights emphasize personal agency and the urgency for industry reforms. Listen here.

Dr. Chandi Chandrasena discusses OntarioMD's role in digital health transformation, from EMR adoption to maximizing tool potential. Education's critical role in overcoming skepticism is highlighted, with implications for practice management, patient care, and addressing physician burnout. Tune in here.

In Episode 30, Sean Wilson delves into financial management in healthcare, covering portfolio management, financial planning essentials, and incorporation benefits. The episode offers insights into navigating wealth management complexities within the healthcare industry. Watch here.

Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie, Executive Vice President of  Physician Wellness & Medical Culture at the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) discusses all things wellness in the medical community. Gain valuable insights into her leadership in physician wellness and discover strategies to enhance your own well-being! Listen here.

Tune into CherryLive! for more captivating conversations at the forefront of healthcare!



Canadian Women in Medicine Conference 2024
Join more than 1,500 women physicians from across Canada for the ultimate wellness conference!

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Pri-Med Canada In-Person 21st Annual Conference & Trade Show: May 8-10, 2024

Pri-Med has assembled another impressive line-up of speakers and relevant topics.
With 27 hours of Mainpro+ and CCCEP credits delivered by top clinicians in their field, their unique format maximizes knowledge transfer through clinical updates and will help improve your patient outcomes.We'll see you there!

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