How OntarioMD is Revolutionizing Healthtech with Dr. Chandi Chandrasena

About the Episode

Unlike anything in other provinces, OntarioMD emerges as the digital health arm of the Ontario Medical Association, spearheaded by government funding and a clear vision. Dr. Chandi Chandrasena shares the journey from the pivotal shift of paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to the present focus on optimizing digital health tools in clinics across Ontario. With an impressive 90% of physicians now using EMRs, the conversation shifts to ensuring these tools are maximized to their full potential, beyond just digitizing paper processes.

Discover the critical role of education, both formal and peer-to-peer, in overcoming skepticism and resistance towards digital health solutions. The episode also sheds light on the broader implications of digital health adoption for practice management, patient care, and tackling physician burnout.

Objectives and Discussions

0:00 Introduction - A brief overview of Dr. Chandi Chandrasena's role and achievements in integrating technology into healthcare workflows.

6:52 Importance of Peer Leadership & Delegation - Discussing the effectiveness of peer-to-peer learning and the significance of delegation in utilizing digital health tools.

9:01 Barriers to Digital Health Adoption - Exploring the reasons behind physicians' reluctance towards digital health adoption, including educational gaps and resource limitations.

16:00 Securing Funding for Digital Health - Strategies on maintaining and expanding funding for digital health initiatives in Ontario and beyond.

23:00 Privacy & Security in AI - Delving into the critical aspects of privacy and security when implementing AI technologies in healthcare settings.

32:42 Advocating for Physician Needs - How OntarioMD advocates for physician needs, ensuring the integration of technology that genuinely aids medical practices.

46:25 Digital Wellness: Setting Boundaries and Finding Balance - Introducing the concept of digital wellness, emphasizing the importance of setting clear boundaries with technology to prevent burnout.

More Resources:

OntarioMD: https://www.ontariomd.ca/

Digital Health Virtual Symposium (Friday, June 14, 2024. Save over 30% on early-bird registration): https://www.ontariomd.ca/pages/digital-health-virtual-symposium-2024.aspx

Digital Health Conference (Thursday, September 12 and Friday, September 13 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Airport & Conference Centre in Toronto): https://www.ontariomd.ca/pages/digital-health-conference-2024.aspx

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