How Does Team-Based Care Work in Healthcare? with Raymond Rupert

About the Episode

Explore how team-based care expands primary care capacity, empowers patients, and fosters collaboration among healthcare professionals with Raymond Rupert, CEO of RCM Health and founder of Healtheon!

Objectives and Discussions

(2:30) Early Adoption of Virtual Care and Telehealth Raymond Rupert shares his experiences pioneering virtual care and telehealth, highlighting the benefits and challenges of being an early adopter in the healthcare industry.

(9:55) Fostering Collaboration in Team-Based Care Discover how team-based care fosters collaboration among healthcare professionals, ensuring that each team member plays a crucial role in patient care.

(12:48) Delegating Tasks and Handling Handovers Learn about the strategies for effective task delegation and seamless handovers within a team-based care model, ensuring efficiency and continuity in patient care.

(20:45) Challenges in Healthcare and the Need for Solutions Explore the pressing challenges in healthcare today and the innovative solutions that are needed to address these issues.

(22:12) Addressing the Administrative Burden Discuss the growing administrative burdens on healthcare providers and how team-based care can help alleviate these pressures.

(23:28) Implementing AI and Tech in Practice Understand the role of AI and technology in streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare practices.

(28:09) Financial Benefits Delve into the financial benefits of adopting team-based care and innovative technologies, including improved patient outcomes and cost savings.

(29:13) Training and Considerations for Team-Based Care Learn about the training and considerations necessary for successfully implementing a team-based care model in healthcare practices.

(31:09) Building the Ideal Team Discover the key elements in building the ideal healthcare team, from the roles of different professionals to the importance of collaboration and communication.

(32:23) Virtual Specialist Consultations Explore how virtual specialist consultations can enhance patient care, providing timely access to expert advice and reducing wait times for critical services.

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