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Profession specific search filters and categories to highlight the opportunities which suit you best.

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Customer Tailored Job Search Filters Unique to Your Line of Work

Most websites miss the mark when it comes to the nuance of healthcare jobs. Cherry Health was built by healthcare practitioners for healthcare practitioners and we understand the importance of the details.

No matter what your priorities are you’ll find custom job filters and categories making it easier to find your dream job in any niche.

Search for jobs based on whatever parameters you value most

Build your organization’s following

Share your organization’s profile with your network of coverage providers. They click the “follow” button to opt in to your notifications.

Post your shifts and jobs

List a job opening as soon as you’re aware of new dates or coverage requirements.

Automatic Notifications

Every new job opening your organization creates will automatically trigger a push notification to the employees phones and inbox.


View a chronological list of conversations you've been a part of and search conversations by name.


Type new messages at the bottom and scroll up to see your entire conversation history. Click the gear icon to view a list of everyone in the conversation if it’s a group message.

Job Applications

In your messaging inbox you’ll also see conversations created from job inquiries. The relevant job will be displayed on the side bar.

Create a Conversation or Group Chat

Click the pencil icon to start a new message. You can send it to a single person or add multiple people to create a group message. You can also initiate a message when viewing another user’s profile.

Mute Conversation Notifications

You can mute an individual conversation to stop incoming notifications. To do this click the gear icon while viewing a conversation and then select “mute”.

Archive Conversations

You can move conversations out of your main inbox by viewing a conversation, clicking the gear icon, and then selecting “archive”. To view archived conversations click on the folder icon on your messages inbox.

Your Facility

Fill in the details about what goes on behind the scenes. Every location, business or hospital department can have its own unique page. If you need inspiration, browse the network and see how others are positioning themselves.

Photos & Images

A picture is worth 1000 words. Show off your facility in ways text can’t capture.

Contact Information & External Links

Fill in the details like your hours, address, contact information and link back to your website.

Community Highlights

You’re recruiting on a national stage. Candidates might be moving cities, provinces or even countries. Let them know what to expect and why they should make your region their home!

Open Jobs

Every job listed at your organization will appear on this tab. Make sure to catalog all your openings and available positions.

People & Team

Social proof is a staple of any good advertising campaign. One of the best ways to show prospective candidates that your opportunity is a great choice is to display all your current and happy healthcare professionals. Invite your team to join your organization!

Connected Profiles

Link multiple organization pages together to cross-pollinate candidates who saw one job but might be interested in another.

Your Organization’s Followers

Another great metric demonstrating the health of an organization. Grow your following to appear higher in demand.

Account Settings

Modify your title, name, account type and customize your profile’s URL.


Update your job preferences to get more accurate recommendations and notifications from employers. This includes information on the types of jobs you want to see and places you want to work.

Email & Notification Settings

Change how you want to be updated on various features, job opportunities and inbound requests.

Plans & Subscriptions

If you’ve paid for access premium features like Recruiter Tools you’ll see this here. Modify or subscribe to new plans from this page.

Organization Settings

If you click on ‘organizations’ from within your account settings you’ll see all the clinic profiles for which you have admin privileges. Click to modify any of your organization's settings.

Custom Profile URL

Modify your profile URL to display exactly how you want it


Upload professional images and profile photos which accurately represent you.

Interests, Accomplishments & Experience

Update your profile with a bio, education, languages spoken, technical skills, clinical interests, work experience, publications, training and certifications

Contact Initiated!

When a job application is submitted a chat message will automatically be created and sent to you. You can find these by opening the “messages” tab at the top of any screen.

View Job Applications

To view all the candidates who have applied for a position go to the jobs manager (info here) and select a job. You’ll see a list of names for all open applications.

Screen Candidates

You can click on and view the profile of any person who has submitted an application. This profile will outline their professional and work history.

Track applicant status

When an application is first received its status will be set to ‘uncontacted’. Update this status as they move through your recruiting flow.

Variable Map Display Options

It's easier than ever to find what you’re looking for where you want to find it! Choose from the list of map display options to see information like pay, type of work, electronic patient record software and other details about a job displayed dynamically on the map. 

Job Preview Cards

Save time when browsing for opportunities. Hover over a job pin to show the preview and view the most important details in a glance.

Dynamic Geofenced List

Adjacent to the map you’ll also see job previews displayed in a list. This list updates whenever you zoom or move the map.

Sort Jobs By Status

At the top of the jobs manager you’ll see 4 headings across the screen: Draft, Open, Paused & Closed. Find the job you’re looking for in one of these categories.

Sort Jobs By Location

If you’re posting jobs on behalf of multiple locations, facilities or organizations you can select the one you’re interested in on the left side of the screen to filter out jobs at other locations.

Duplicate, Edit, Pause or Close Jobs

Click on the cog wheel icon on the upper right corner of a job to duplicate it, modify it or change its status to ‘draft’, ‘open’, ‘paused’ or ‘closed’. Only ‘open’ jobs are visible to new candidates.Image

Open & View a Job

Click on any job to open it up and see how it will appear to candidates. Here you’ll also see any pending job applicants.

Edit Your Team’s Hiring Permissions

After opening a job you’ll see on the left side all users at your organization who are able to edit this job and who are receiving updates and notifications about this job. If you would like to change these permission click on ‘edit hiring team’ to change permission settings.

Stats & Analytics

View job impressions and compare across postings and facilities.

Facility Selection

Create and manage jobs across multiple facilities. Easily manage recruiting for organizations with multiple clinics and locations.

Occupation & Category

Reach your desired specialty/subspecialty and dazzle them with an eye catching headline. Stay organized by attaching unique Job-IDs when recruiting in bulk.

Type of Job & Dates

Speak directly to the type of candidates you’re trying to reach by categorizing your jobs as permanent, temporary (locums), or find coverage for individual shifts.

Days & Hours

Healthcare jobs often involve part-time work and unique hours. Find candidates even if that means you only need somebody for 6 hours every 2nd Tuesday night.

Type of Work & Duties

Appear in searches when physicians and other healthcare professionals seek out jobs with specific roles and responsibilities within their scope of practice.

Payment & Compensation

Compensation can be simple or complex depending on billing structure, overhead costs, rural modifiers and other incentives. Present candidates with clear and transparent insights to make your opportunity appear lucrative.

Software, Tools, Treatments & Therapeutics

Every job opportunity is unique in the type of care available to patients. Let practitioners find you based on the different EMRs, softwares and treatment tools available that match their skill sets.


Every practice is organized with different workflows and appointment times. Practitioners specifically seek out jobs that suit their style of higher volumes vs longer durations.

Patient Acquisition

Patients come and patients go. Show practitioners how you’re going to empower them to grow their practice and earn money.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support

Writing an alluring job description takes time and energy. Let our AI powered software give you some of your time back.

Applying to a Job

Simply hit the “message” button at the bottom of a job posting to be connected directly to the job’s poster and give them your contact information.

Get More Information

You can click the “message” button to initiate a direct message with the hiring team and have your questions answered.

Connect With Future Colleagues

If you want to see who else works at your place of interest you can click on the organization’s name at the top of any job listing, and then click on “people” which will show you the list. Initiate a message with any of them by clicking on their name to view their profile.

View Messages

Find any previously initiated conversations by opening the “messages” tab on the main navigation bar.

View Job Applications

You can view any outbound job applications by going to the “home” page and then selecting “my inquiries” to see any conversations initiated by sending a message to a job posting.

About the Facility

Most job postings keep things short and sweet to not overwhelm candidates. Cherry Health profiles give employers additional space to capture the vibe and essence of their organization’s culture and personality.

Photos & Images

A picture is worth 1000 words. Employers add photos and images to show off their facilities.

Website, Hours & Location

You’ll be able to see an organization's operating hours, contact details and links back to their website.

Community & Tourism Information

Discover photos and information about the local community, things to do and recreation opportunities.

Colleagues & Teammates

See who already works at your place of interest and reach out or message them with questions.

Other Facilities & Opportunities

View other locations and job opportunities connected with an employer (great for understanding larger and multi-facility organizations).

Save a Job

At the bottom of a job posting click the “save” button to add it to your list.

View Saved Jobs

You can view your list of saved jobs by navigating to the “home” page and then selecting “saved for later”. Alternatively you can find the list by going to the “jobs” page and then clicking “my jobs” and selecting “saved jobs” from the drop down menu.


Sort and find opportunities where the patient demographics and clinical setting match your areas of interest.


Getting paid isn’t always straightforward. Filter jobs based on payment, billing models and overhead costs to earn more money.

Charting & Patient Records

Set yourself up for success with a smooth onboarding. Find jobs based on their EMR and patient record softwares.

Roles & Responsibilities

Do you have specialized knowledge or clinical interests? Filter for the jobs that empower you to practice at your full scope.


Travelling for work? New to Canada? Identify jobs where temporary housing is available or extra support is provided.


Maybe you really enjoy teaching. Now you can highlight the jobs where students rotate through.

Dates & Times

If you’re looking for part-time work or want to fill a very specific gap in your regular schedule view jobs that fit your calendar

Search for a clinic

Find your favourite clinic by typing its name in the top search bar from anywhere on the Cherry Health platform, whether you’re on your browser or mobile app.

Click on the Follow button

The search results will provide you with a list of possible clinics. Simply click on the Follow button to start receiving notifications or explore the clinic in more detail by clicking on its name.

Get notified!

Receive notifications via email, mobile push and within Cherry Health about the latest job opportunities of the clinic you follow. To view who you are following, navigate to the Network tab.

Profession & Specialization

Highlight the opportunities that match your training and credentials.

Dates & Durations

Short term, long-term, part-time, full-time, days, evenings, weekends, nights and everything in between.

Hours & Time Involvement

Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Type of Work

Clinical, non-clinical, surgical, virtual, academic, consulting, in-patient, out-patient, hospital, ER, long-term care, surgical etc. It’s all tagged and waiting for you to find it.

Compensation & Pay

Hourly, salaried, fee-for-service, blended capitation, signing bonuses, travel incentives, rural premiums and employee benefits. Everything is spelled out and transparent.

Overhead & Business Costs

 There's no surprises here.


Licenses, permits and insurance requirements. Don’t waste your time with incompatible opportunities.

Software, hardware and treatment tools.

Finally… a job where you can put your training with that fancy laser or ultrasound machine to good use.

Patient Volumes & Appointment Durations

Some people prefer higher volumes and some prefer longer appointments. Practice in a way that fits your style.

Patient Source

You might be good at marketing and finding your own patients or prefer a turn-key operation where it's done for you. Find clear information on how your practice will be supported.

Account Settings

Change your profile page name and page type. Get more organic traffic by creating a custom URL so you appear in more Google searches.

Job Preferences

Change your default settings for who at your organization can create, manage and boost job listings.


Invite people to join your organization and change individual people’s access levels: Administrator, Hiring Permissions or General TeamEnable or disable your healthcare providers ability to post their own job listings.

Learn more about following clinics

New graduate? Expand your horizons.

If you’re new to practice it's hard to know where you’re going to end up, what niche you’ll enjoy the most and how you want to practice. Now you can see what's on the menu and start to figure out what you might like. Build yourself a list of interesting practice opportunities, styles and patient demographics and work your way down the list. Set yourself up to test drive a variety of workflows, charting softwares and clinical settings before you find your long-term home base.

Find your dream job[s]

Cherry Health’s job filters enable you to search for opportunities compatible with your long-term career goals and aspirations. Perhaps you value a smooth running facility with a great support team while you treat the patient population you find most rewarding, or maybe you love the variety of having multiple part-time jobs to keep things fresh from day to day. Either way you’ll be able to set yourself up for long-term success and a burnout free career by focusing your search to whatever suits you best.

Not sure if you want a new job?

Even if you’re in no rush to start a new job next week, why not take a look and see what's out there? Most of the time healthcare jobs don’t have a corporate ladder to climb but that doesn’t mean you can’t advance your career. There might be an opportunity right down the street that pays better, has nicer hours or offers more flexibility. It doesn’t hurt to look for greener grass from time to time. “You miss 100% of the job opportunities you don’t search for” - Wayne Gretzky

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I follow a clinic?

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How do I unfollow a clinic?

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How do I view all the clinics that I follow?

Navigate to your Network tab. You can find it on the navigation bar in your browser and mobile app. From there select the Following subsection.

How do I best search for clinics I want to follow?

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