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Are you struggling to attract physicians for your open positions? Follow along with our how to guide on creating the ultimate physician job posting. Take your recruiting efforts to the next level with this question and prompt style template designed to be worked on collaboratively with your team. Print it off or upload it to your file sharing server to work on together.

The Cherry Health Physician Recruiting Template

Learn how to fill in the following sections in colorful detail to highlight your medical job opportunities

General Job Information

Patient Care Responsibilities

Requirements and Credentials

Physician Compensation

Clinic / Hospital Information

Community Showcase

Length, Content & Formatting

More is More

Don’t skimp on the details

Paint a complete picture for your ideal candidate

Work on this with your team to get the best answers. This file is meant to be collaborated on digitally within a shared Google Slides document or printed out.

Make it look pretty. Create your own paragraphs and subsections with headings.

Easier to digest

Faster to scan through

Has a more professional appearance and paints your team in a positive light

Job Title

An eye catching title is critical if you want to get clicked on

Clear, direct and specific: Type of physician, type of job, duration, location?

Click bait: The most exciting, yet concise point about this opportunity?

Job Information

Open up with a brief summary paragraph including the top 1 or 2 unique highlights
Make it easy for the job seeker to quickly determine if this job is in right ballpark for them. 

30,000 foot overview - what defines this job opportunity? What are the general characteristics or qualifications for somebody who will excel in this role?

And if it is, get them interested to read more! 

What are the best things about this job? This clinic? This team? This community?

Job duties, dates and type of work

Are you looking for temporary coverage, a permanent role, or an opportunity for both? Are the start and end dates flexible or set in stone? Are you looking for repeated coverage over time?

Part time, full time or flexible? Can you work from home doing virtual care sometimes?

Is this a metropolitan outpatient clinic or full scope rural practice with hospital work, LTC and ER shifts?

Anything unique or diverse? Part time subspecialty or niche work? Surgical or procedural work?

WIIFM - What’s in it for me?
Why should a physician get excited about this particular opportunity? Add color to the previous highlights 

Opportunities for upwards career growth? Mentoring for newly graduated physicians? High pay?

Eventually take over the practice or get involved in the business? What is the business vision?

Positive or rewarding impacts on the local population’s health? Amazing location? Low stress?

Testimonials, quotes and social proof
“Physicians recruit physicians”

What did the last locums say following the conclusion of their work? Have they come back multiple times?

How would your other physician colleagues describe this opportunity? How many happy doctors work here currently?


Specific details about the patient care duties.

Ages, demographics? Common pathologies? Is this a clinic next to a university or in a family suburb? 

Daily hospital rounds? How many inpatients? ER shifts? Walk in clinic shifts? Patient volumes?

Is there another physician for backup or 2nd call? Delivering babies? How many per year?

Starting fresh or caring for an established patient roster/panel? How big is it? 

Hours and involvement 

FTE? How many hours of patient care? How many hours of paperwork or administrative?

Appointment lengths? What days of the week will you be working? Are these flexible or fixed?

If locuming who covers labs, results and inbox tasks?

How often are you on call? Whats call like?

Non-patient care duties

Is this an established teaching site? Will you be teaching students or residents? CME rounds? 

Research or Quality Improvement? Are these mandatory or optional?

Is there a leadership or department administration component to this role? 


Must haves to qualify for the position

Medical license and insurance? Open to International Medical Graduates / Practice Readiness Assessments?

Fellowships, courses, credentials, certificates and training? CCFP(EM), ATLS, POCUS, etc? MBA degree?

Years of experience required? Procedural or technical skills? Hospital privileges? Academic experience?

Interpersonal, organizational or leadership skills? Language requirements? Criminal record check?


Fee model

Billing model? What is the benefit of this? (Annual salary vs fee for service vs capitation vs hours rate etc)

Rural / remote / northern allowance or bonus?

Additional services (uninsured services, sick notes, etc)?

If variable what is the earning potential? What is the ceiling or maximum? What is the average?

Bonuses and benefits

Signing bonus? Teaching incentives? Return of service contract? Student loan forgiveness?

Health or dental benefits? Insurance and disability? Sick time? Vacation? 

Is housing provided? What's the place like? Travel stipend? 

Relocation bonus? Will the local tourism and recruiting office help find your spouse a job if you move?

Clinic overhead and operational expenses

How do the lights stay on at the clinic? 

Fixed daily/weekly/monthly overhead costs? Percentage based? Sliding scale?

How do you justify your clinic’s overhead costs compared to the facility down the road? Is there better patient care, additional earnings potential, more efficient workflows or lower administrative burden?

Employer Info

What's the facility like?

Is it new? Is it fancy? Is it functional? How big is it? Square footage? Number of rooms? Special equipment?

Layout? Procedure room? Telehealth room? Break room? Is there free lunch every 2nd Tuesday at noon?

What EMR? What kind of computers? Other software or tools? Standing desks? Parking? Easy transit access?


The team and workflow

How many people work there? Who works there: MDs and non-MD’s? How long have they worked there?

What's the workflow like? Nurse:Doctor ratio? Who triages patients? Sends consults? Does billing? Afterhours/critical lab results? 

What's the team culture like? At work? After work? Team building retreats or activities? 

What makes it fun to work here? 

Medical community and nearby resources

Catchment area and population? Local health programs? PCN affiliation? Support programs? Rural locum program?

Nearest hospital or tertiary care center? How many inpatient beds? Surgical beds? ICU beds? Visits per year?

Specialist access - what medical consulting services are available locally? Nearby allied health resources?

Lab tests? Diagnostic imaging?


What makes the local community special?

What is the culture of the local neighborhood? Population demographics? Walk score? Traffic?

What is the culture of the city or town? How big is the population? 

Good for families? How is the school system? Leisure activities? Arts? Shopping? Crime rate?

What should people know about the broader geography? 
You’re speaking to a national and sometimes international audience of physicians

Culture of the province? Weather and climate? Pictures!

Recreation opportunities? Gorgeous nature and scenery?

How does the cost of living, food, tax rates and house prices compare to other cities?


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