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Why use the Recruiter Tool?

Start a Conversation
72% of physicians are open to new opportunities. On Cherry you can message them directly and tell them about yours.
Find your Perfect Candidate
You can search, filter and outreach to the doctors interested in exactly what you’re offering.
Build your Network
Build new relationships and engage with physicians who you haven't yet connected with.

"It helps me talk to doctors about our clinic. Since they're on Cherry I know they're looking at jobs so I don't feel I'm bothering them like when I reach out on Facebook"

Medical Office Assistant

You Don’t Need to be a Recruiter to Recruit Like a Pro

Search Candidates

Source physicians using advanced filters to find candidates by employment status, specialty, location, skills, interests and more.
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Send that Ice-Breaker

Immediately start messaging your candidates on Cherry Health. Exchange contact information, schedule interviews and stay in touch - what may not fit today, might fit in the future.
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Connect & Engage

Send Cherry Mails to any physician, even if they’re outside of your network. Cherry Mails have an industry leading open rate.
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Collaborate with your hiring team to coordinate next steps, track applicant status, manage credentialing and set up calls and meetings.
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